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Managing Nearly 1000 Homes

North American Home Management LLC ("NAH Management") is a boutique residential property management firm servicing the Southwest Florida region (including Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, Marco Island).


Our principals have a combined experience in property management of over 22 years with clients  ranging from individual property owners to real estate funds with hundreds of residential rental properties. NAH Management is transforming the industry by being among the first management companies to realize  operating efficiencies by implementing modern business methodologies and best practices with the mission to  offer you more value. We differentiate ourselves by the quality of our communication, reporting ("Income and  Expenses"), and marketing of your property.


Building long term relationships with our clients is something NAH Management strongly believes in and we go to  great lengths to ensure that all our valuable clients receive first rate service. 


Superior Service

At NAH Management, our mission is to deliver the same level of service that we’d expect for our own properties.

Years of professional experience has allowed us to develop business processes that deliver a positive experience for owners, residents and the underlying community.

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Investment Opportunities

Looking to grow your property portfolio? Or, buying your first rental? Let us help.

By establishing investment objectives, we identify listings that match client criteria and provide thorough due diligence to validate the opportunity.

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Best Rental Rates

If the price is too high, your property will sit vacant. But if it’s too low you leave money on the table. Knowing the market is critical to finding a price point that maximizes your returns.

Our team closely evaluates each property to set a rental rate that is well positioned among comparable units. We apply sound judgement and facts to guide yourdecisions when the market is not responsive.


Proven Process

Our company has been structured with a focus on well-defined operating procedures throughout our organization, whether it involves evaluating your property for rent, setting rental rates, marketing your rental, qualifying tenants and formalizing the rental contract, coordinating move-ins & move- outs, collecting your rents, overseeing repairs or updates to your property, providing accounting over your investment, facilitating legal matters affecting your tenants, or any other related specialties. We’re transforming the industry by being among the first management companies to maximize efficiency by incorporating modern business methodologies and best practices

Strong Relationships

One of the cornerstones of our business is being proactive and timely. Keeping tenants happy results in on-time collection, better property care and long-term tenancy. Ensuring maintenance contractors are treated fairly and understand expectations facilitates faster response times, quality workmanship and more reasonable rates. Keeping owners informed about their property proactively keeps them reassured and allows our team more time to focus on what matters most to you ... ensuring that your investment returns are optimized. There’s a reason why 98% of owners, tenants and vendors have given us a 5-star rating.


Transparent Reporting

At NAH Management we provide you with an understandable summary of income and expenses with all the details required. All outflows include documentation to provide complete transparency as to scope of work and underlying cause. We can prepare complete annual financial statements and offer useful input on tax implications affecting your investment decision. We’ll work closely with our partners to assist you with all your statutory IRS Tax filings (should you require this convenience). We also understand the importance in providing clients with accurate forecasts of income potential for investment properties, and that the achievable rental rate and property value are key drivers in investment decisions.

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Marketing Campaigns

Technology has helped our business grow around strong control procedures, but its use also enables us to market your property far more effectively and with better results. Property marketing doesn’t stop with putting up a sign, and our innovative marketing platform leverages data driven insights to select the best online and offline advertising channels. The scale of our tenant portfolio and our tenant referral programs enable us to bring quality tenants to your doorstep quicker, reducing vacancy times. Each marketing campaign is carefully constructed based on location, price, configuration and the unique characteristics of your property.

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Tenant Screening & Timely Rent Collection

Quality tenants are the key to long-term profitability. Missing a warning sign could result in loss of revenue, property damage and legal expenses. NAH Management has implemented an extensive screening process that has resulted in delinquency rates of less than 1%.

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Communicate With Tenants & Resolve Concerns

Keeping tenants happy results in on-time collections, better property care and long term tenancy.

By facilitating open communication we’re able to maintain strong relationships and address concerns before they become problems.

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Negotiate Rates With Maintenance Contractors

Our team employs a stringent screening process for maintenance contractors to ensure timely response, quality workmanship and acceptable rates.

Expenses are negotiated at a wholesale level with careful oversight of all charges. Our goal is to keep your property in top shape, without breaking the bank.

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Preserve Property &

Propose Renovations

Just as important as maximizing rental revenue is ensuring that the condition of your property is maintained and your investment continues to appreciate.

In addition to maintenance, NAH Management conducts annual property reviews to identify renovations that could boost resale value and draw higher rent. Approved renovations can be executed using our network of verified contractors or you can use contractors of your own choosing. Either way, we’re here to help.

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Provide Detailed Reports To Property Owners

Transparent communication with property owners is one of the cornerstones upon which our company is built.

Each month we send a detailed report summarizing the income and expenses for each property. Additionally, each time a property is inspected the owner has access to a copy of the findings, including photos.

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Strict & Compliant Evictions

While proactive measures are taken to reduce evictions, we are prepared to handle these situations in a professional and legally compliant manner.

Our legal team carefully monitors housing regulations at the local, state and national levels to ensure all actions respect the rights of both the owners and evicted tenants.

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Annual Comparative

Market Analysis

Over the course of ownership there may come a time when you consider selling your investment. Our team conducts an annual market analysis of your property that is accompanied by future market projections.

Based on research we’re happy to provide a recommendation as to whether it’s a good time to sell, or whether you’re better to wait.

* All property sales can be facilitated through our brokerage partner, NAH Realty.



All our property managers are Licensed Florida Realtors who understand real estate, Florida Statute, and the tools required to effectively manage your property.

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