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    Delivering The Service We’d Expect For Ourselves

    At NAH Realty, our mission is to deliver the same level of service that we’d expect when buying or selling our own homes.

    Years of professional experience has allowed us to develop business processes that exceed expectations for both buyers and sellers alike.

    Whether you're looking for an agent, or simply want to get a second opinion; we’re here to provide our full support.

    For property investors, NAH Realty conducts thorough financial analysis in order to identify opportunities well positioned for stable yields and robust growth. We can help investors develop a portfolio that produces a steady income stream while minimizing risk.

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    You Can


    NAH Realty has decades of experience in the purchase of residential real estate globally. Our seasoned team will provide valuable insights and expert guidance to keep your sale or purchase on the right track.

    We are providing realty services to buyers and sellers across Collier County in Southwest Florida. Sellers can take advantage of our extensive knowledge and unparalleled experience to sell their home for the desired price in a short timeframe. Agents work closely with buyers to recommend properties based on their personal criteria. In each area of the business, NAH Realty seeks to deliver a higher level of service.

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    Always In Your Corner

    The sale or purchase of a home will likely be one of the largest financial transactions you will ever make. Given the high stakes, it’s imperative to have a trusted expert on your side who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your best interests are met.


    Choosing to put NAH Realty in your corner will give you peace of mind through all stages of the sales process. Our team will keep your interests are the forefront of all negotiations to get the best deal possible.

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    Transparent Communication

    Nobody likes to be left in the dark. The sale or purchase of a property has major implications on your life and as such we understand the importance in keeping you informed. Each of our team members strives to keep dialogue flowing from the initial listing until the sale is finalized.

    By facilitating open communication we’re able to maintain strong relationships and address concerns before they become problems.

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    Extensive Research & Monitoring

    NAH Realty conducts extensive research to stay ahead of the latest property trends. These insights allow us to guide clients based on objective data so they can make well informed decisions.

    The NAH team maintains close relationships with realtors across Southwest Florida in order to quickly identify new opportunities. These connections combined with continuous monitoring of both the MLS and third party platforms provide faster access to new listings across the market. In addition, our expert mining techniques allow clients to find homes not actively offered for sale.

    Buyers benefit from getting a jumpstart on new listings and sellers capitalize from increased exposure.

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    Powerful Marketing To Sell Faster

    NAH Realty have developed a comprehensive marketing suite that leverages local listings, online advertising, search engines, social media, email alerts, deeply entrenched relationships with industry experts and more.

    Our innovative platform allows us to find relevant buyers, in less time.

    Our team has earned a reputation for being one of Southwest Florida’s foremost real estate experts with experience in purchasing, selling, renovating and leasing properties.

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